Kingdom Come Bust

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This is a very nice, very realistic bust of the older Superman from the Kingdom Come mini-series, as illustrated by the great Alex Ross. It's unclear who manufactured this kit; I ordered mine from Amok Time. I thought it might be a Mike Hill sculpt, but it's actually by a sculptor named Rick Force. He did a very fine job.

This was a real no-fuss, no-muss project. The bust was a one-piece job with no flash or pitting, absolutely no puttying or sanding necessary. The painting was straight-ahead; I opted for relatively dark costume colors, to match the representation in the comic books. It was a little difficult to paint the eyes behind the squint, but that's what small brushes are for. And the gray hair was dry brushed, of course.

All in all, a very nice model to add to my growing collection.


Name: Man of Steel Bust
Sculptor: Rick Force
Manufacturer: Unknown (Amok Time)
Scale: 1/4
Year Manufactured: 2003
Year Built: 2004

Americana: Base Flesh, Shading Flesh
Anita's Acrylic: Spice Red (cape)
FolkArt: Heartland Blue (costume)
Apple Barrel: Black, Sky Blue (eyes), White (eyes), Misty White (hair)

Primer: Model Master Gray


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