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This is a terrific updating of the classic Aurora "bursting-through-the-brick-wall" Superman (like this one), done in the Alex Ross style. The manufacturer is Castle Creations, a company I know little about. It's a big model, standing about 9" tall; the base is 9" wide by 12" deep. 

The sculpt on this model is fantastic, very dynamic. The casting, however, sucked; lots and lots and lots of tiny pinholes, really tough to fill them all in.

As to the fit, no major problems, except that the positioning of the body was unclear. My initial tries resulted in Supes' toppling over, despite multiple foot pinning and gobs of Zap-a-Gap; he's extremely right-heavy, thanks to the position of the cape. I ended up positioning things so that Superman's cape rested on the brick wall, which added much-needed stability. Of course, it's possible that's how it was intended to be, but without any instructions, it was hard to tell. (Also difficult to tell from the photo on the model box.)

This was one fun model to paint, especially the base. Between the wood floor and the bricks, there was lots of opportunity for dry brushing. I also got to use a mix of metallics for the girders and the grate. Supes' costume was easy to do, I picked relatively bright shades of the traditional primary colors.

My only variation from the traditional costume colors was the "S" shield on his cape, which in the comics is all yellow. I just don't like yellow-on-yellow, so I went with the George Reeves Adventures of Superman style, where the cape shield is the same red-on-yellow as the chest emblem. It just looks better to me this way.

I think I'm getting better painting eyes and flesh tones, and this model shows it. I recently bought a lighted magnifier headgear gadget, which really helps me to see the fine detail. (Being able to see what you're painting is a good thing!)

By the way, some initial comments from fellow modelers wondered if Superman's cape was perhaps a tad short. I don't think this is the case; it's probably just the angle of the box photo. I think the model is extremely realistic, with a very dynamic pose.

All in all, a really nice kit that definitely stands out on the shelf.


Name: Superman
Sculptor: Unknown
Manufacturer: Castle Creations
Scale: 1/6
Year Manufactured: 2003
Year Built: 2003


Americana: Base Flesh, Shading Flesh
Apple Barrel: Black, Liberty Blue (eyes), White (eyes)
Delta Ceramcoat: Ocean Reef, Bright Red, Yellow
Deco Art: Glorious Gold Metallic
Americana: Heritage Brick
Delta Ceramcoat: Brown Velvet, Mudstone, Hippo Grey, Bridgeport Grey
Apple Barrel: Black
Ral Partha: Aged Metal, Bronze Metallic, Copper Metallic

Primer: Model Master Gray
Putty: Squadron Green
Glue: Zap-a-Gap


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